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Church Services and Events

Sunday Divine Service is held every Sunday at 6.30pm.


Awareness Class every Monday at 7.30pm.


Spiritual Healing takes place every Thursday at 7.00pm


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Who's on Platform this Sunday?

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"Believing in Community"

Belfast Spiritualist Church

"Believing in Community"

At Belfast Spiritualist Church we offer a sense of community and support to all who come through our doors. We welcome everyone irrespective of their beliefs and denomination.

Our Church is affiliated to the Spiritualists' National Union, which is the organisation recognised as representing the religion of Spiritualism in the UK. As a religion we believe that God is our creator and that there is eternal life. What makes us different from other religions is our belief that individuals are personally responsible for their actions and the outcomes from them.  

Our religious philosophy is based on 7 Principles of Spiritualism. Our Principles are not rules, however they provide guidance on how to live a positive and successful life. The philosophy of Spiritualism can empower you to unfold your own spirituality for the betterment of yourself and others. 

As a Church we provide a comprehensive list of services including funerals, naming and weddings ceremonies. We also offer spiritual education to anyone who wishes to learn about philosophy and their own spiritual development. 

We hold Divine Service every Sunday evening at our Malone Avenue Church and extend a very warm welcome to everyone. 


The Spiritualists' National Union (SNU)

The SNU is the organisation which is recognised in law as representing the religion of Spiritualism in the UK. It supports and has helped to unify around 340 Spiritualist churches and centres throughout the United Kingdom.



"Spiritualism means many things to many people. To some it is a philosophy, to some a religion, to some the science behind mediumship which provides the evidence of life after death. To some it is the life long study and attainment of spiritual wisdom."