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Belfast Spiritualist Church

Registered with the Charity Commission NIC107677



A religion, a science, a philosophy

Be a servant for mankind.

Be Known by love.

Be a voice for peace.


Is Spiritualism a religion?

Yes Spiritualism is a religion. We worship God.

Do Spiritualists' believe in God?

Yes. Our first Principle is "The Fatherhood of God." God is the source of all life and all things. 

Is a Spiritualist service any different to the services of other religions?

The philosophy of Spiritualism encourages contemplation about the bigger Spiritual picture that God has provided for us.

There is a growing interest in Spiritualism and our services are becoming more interactive with the congregation who can take an active part in worship. This reflects our desire to inspire thought, growth, and positive action for everyone who attends. 

Whatever your route to finding out more about Spiritualism, we hope that like so many people before you, your journey of discovery is a rewarding one.