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Albert Best 1917 to 1996

Albert Best by zerdini on Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:45 pm


Albert became aware of his psychic gifts at the age of nine. Several times he “saw” an elderly man’s spirit form around the house. 

He told his grandmother, who reared Albert, that this strange visitor scared him. Now he realises she too must have been clairvoyant and recognised the entity. 

During one “appearance” he heard her say: “Go away, father. You are frightening the boy.” So it was his great grandfather young Albert saw! 

A psychic window-cleaner introduced the teenage potential medium to his local Spiritualist church. He sat in a developing circle for five years, constantly fighting what was obviously impending trance. “It felt as though I had been chloroformed, but I always resisted losing consciousness.” 

When he finally succumbed he was told his guide had spoken through him for over an hour. 

Belfast-born, brought up a Protestant, Albert married a Roman Catholic local girl when he was 19. Their three children included twins. 

While he was serving abroad tragedy struck. His wife Rose and the children were killed in the second German air raid on Belfast. 

Albert told me he went on a ‘mammoth bender” trying to forget his shattering bereavement. He could not face returning to his native Belfast. 

As he had many friends there, Albert decided to settle in Glasgow. The double-Celt psychic, who reminds me of a benign gnome, has spent more time there than in his native Ireland.

“I would not choose to live anywhere else,” he said. 

In Ayr and Glasgow he experienced memorable physical phenomena at private home circles. The first was with Alec Martin of Ayr, who passed on several years ago. 

Albert had the joy of holding in his arms the fully-materialised forms of Rose and his three children. 

I thought it strange he has never contacted them through his own mediumship. “I don’t wish to,” said Albert. 

His spirit guides have also materialised and shaken hands with him. 

Albert showed me bullet scars in his neck and left arm resulting from an injury for which he has a small army disability pension. He also draws a Civil Service pension. 

After watching Albert demonstrate first-class clairvoyance at Acacia House last Saturday, I deplore his reticence. He regards this gift as secondary to his healing for which he holds three weekly sessions in Glasgow. 

One outstanding message was for Jim Webster of Goldsmith Avenue, Acton. It was the first time he had seen Albert.

The medium asked if he knew a Wilson, giving a 72 Grange Road address. 

Webster became emotional when Albert said this communicator always wore a flower in his buttonhole. 

He told me later that his “dead” brother Wilson had lived at the address given and was never without a rose in his buttonhole. 

Albert said correctly that the man sitting next to Webster was his son. 

Geoffrey Webster, 27, told me it was his first visit to a Spiritualist meeting. He was deeply impressed by Albert’s clairvoyance. 

The medium next got a connection with Holborn, and asked Webster if he was a boxer. “Who is Rafferty?” asked Albert. “Did he break your nose? “ Webster accepted this message as accurate. 

He later showed me his broken nose, not immediately apparent, received in a boxing bout with Johnnie Rafferty at a Holhorn boxing match. 

Israeli Meir Hed, 24, is working on a film project, a documentary on the London Spiritualist scene. His Dutch fiancée had a message from Albert at Acacia House. 

Here are Albert’s answers to some of Hed’s questions: “I go through tortures before every demonstration. But once on the platform I become icy cool. I am not afraid of the ‘dead’ — only of Spiritualists!” 

From "Psychic News" 1972.