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Church Services and Events

Sunday Divine Service is held every Sunday at 6.30pm.


Awareness Class every Monday at 7.30pm.


Spiritual Healing takes place every Thursday at 7.00pm


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Who's on Platform this Sunday?

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"Believing in Community"

Belfast Spiritualist Church

"Believing in Community"

Albert Best 1917 to 1996

Albert Best was born in Belfast on the 2nd December 1917.  Albert's mother passed when he was an infant and he was raised by a lady who was also called Mrs Best and who had four daughters. When he was young Albert believed her to be his Grandmother. Albert lived a hard and frugal life. He was an uncle of famous footballer, George Best.
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Helen Duncan 1897 to 1956

Helen Duncan , the daughter of a cabinet maker was born in Calendar, Stirling, Scotland on the 25th of November and from an early age she is said to have displayed the gift of medium with the spirit world. A prominent feature of her sittings was the fact that she omitted ectoplasm from her mouth during her trances.     More >>





The Fox Sisters

Margaretta known as Maggie (1836 to 93), Kate (1838 to 92) and Leah (1814 to 90) Fox, the daughters of John and Margaret Fox played an significant role in the formation of the religious movement known as Modern Spiritualism.    

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