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Belfast Spiritualist Church

A Religion

     Be a servant for mankind

A Philosophy

     Be known by love

A Science

     Be a voice for peace

Our Leadership Structure


Our church is affiliated to the Spiritualists' National Union, the organisation which is recognised as representing the religion of Spiritualism in the United Kingdom. As a central governing body, it provides structure, guidance and support to Spiritualist Churches and local congregations throughout the world.

Belfast Spiritualist Church has its own leadership, which is free to work in collaboration with our church members so that we can focus on our efforts and decision making at local level. We believe that leading is by serving, and that in every area and every role within the church must have humility at its core. Whether you are welcoming people through the doors or leading from the platform, we always put others first.

All of our officers and committee are volunteers who freely give up their own time to support the smooth running of our church. We also grateful for the kind support we receive from our church members and visitors.  


Church Officers:

President - Nichola Corner

Vice President - Colette Diamond 

Secretary - Nuala Cheng

Treasurer - Patricia James


Committee Members:

Mary O'Donnell

Charlotte Henderson

David McCavery

Nicola Smith

Josephine Mulholland

Eamonn Andrews OSNU


Healing Circle Leader:

Margaret Roe


Church Volunteers

Lisa Mulholland