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Church Services and Events

Sunday Divine Service is held every Sunday at 6.30pm.


Awareness Class every Monday at 7.30pm.


Spiritual Healing takes place every Thursday at 7.00pm

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"Spirit in Action"

Belfast Spiritualist Church

"Spirit in Action"


Belfast Spiritualist Church - The Church Officers & Committee:

The officers and committee of the church have a responsibility to manage the day to day running and upkeep of the church for our church members. Committee duties range from inviting guest mediums to our Divine Services to ensuring the church building is maintained. The committee also ensures that spiritual teaching is made available to those who wish to develop their own personal spiritual philosophy.    

When appropriate the church committee also provides information, assistance and support to church members and the wider community. Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions that relate to any aspect of the church or spiritualism, please do not hesitate to ask for the assistance of any committee member. 

All committee members are part of a group, who work together for the church on the basis that each and every person is respected as an equal. Our church committee comprises of four officers and a committee who are all appointed by our church members in an election process that takes place every year. 

The committee would like to put on record their appreciation for the support and commitment given to the Church by its members and our congregation. Without your support our work would be much more difficult. Thank you to all that contribute in any way.



Church President - Pat James. Pat first attended Belfast Spiritualist Church in 2000 and became a church member in 2002. In 2003 she progressed through our spiritual awareness class and became a member of development circle in 2004. In the same year her personal skills were acknowledged when she was appointed treasurer. Pat became an SNU approved healer in 2008. She is also  Tuesday development circle leader and teaches the Monday spiritual awareness class.



Vice President - Colette Diamond. Colette has been attending our church since 1996. In 2000 she was appointed church secretary and she carried out that role until she was elected vice president in 2014.



Secretary - Nichola Corner. Nichola is the Friday development circle leader and she is an excellent teacher. She has organised many church workshops which have helped people to progress their spiritual development. Nichola also facilitates the monthly class,  "Awakening of the Soul" which is aimed at personal spiritual advancement.

Treasurer -  Barbara English

Church Committee Members

Charlotte Henderson

Nuala Cheng

Fionula Fusco

Josephine Mulholland

Paul Roe

Margaret Roe

Mary O'Donnell

Jackie Robinson

Eamonn Andrews