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Belfast Spiritualist Church

Registered with the Charity Commission NIC107677



A religion, a science, a philosophy

Be a servant for mankind.

Be Known by love.

Be a voice for peace.


Monday Spiritual Awareness Class 7.30pm - 9.30pm 

If you want to develop your intuitive and spiritual skills, then our Awareness Class can help you. Spiritual awareness helps you to understand what you value in your life and the world around you.

Our awareness class has been helping people for many years to develop their spiritual awareness. Our professionally trained and resilient tutors have provided training and guidance to even the more well known local mediums. You may find that many are now sharing elements of our wonderful training with their students.

Everyone is welcome to attend our wonderful class and because we are a registered charity, your donation is only £5.


Development Circles - For students in our awareness class who express a particular interest in spiritualist mediumship, we offer training in a development circle.

You will receive advanced training in a small group setting. Again, because we are a charity, we only ask for a donation of £5.


Sunday Divine Service - 6.30pm to 8.00pm.

Our divine service is our Sunday service and if you attend one, there may be things that you're familiar with. Services include an opening and closing prayer, some inspiring music and an inspirational talk.  There will also be a professional medium working on our platform who has been highly trained. Those mediums often include international mediums/tutors who have provided training to many of the well known local mediums/tutors. 

So,  if you're looking to see what spiritual mediumship is really about, then don't miss out on visiting one of our services.


Thursday Healing Consultations - 7pm to 9pm

Healing has always been a very important part of our church and all of our healers are trained and accredited by the Spiritualists' National Union.

The healing power comes from God and our healers invite that power to be sent to where it is needed. Spiritualist healing encompasses healing for those in need either by personal contact (laying on of hands) or through absent healing. Healing can alleviate suffering and offers help to those who need reassurance and support in times of need.