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Belfast Spiritualist Church

Registered with the Charity Commission NIC107677



A religion, a science, a philosophy

Be a servant for mankind.

Be Known by love.

Be a voice for peace.


We have a Spiritual Healing service every Thursday evening at 7pm and everyone is welcome. 

Spiritual Healing is ‘a form of healing by the use of energies from God. These healing energies are channelled through the spirit world and a Spiritualist healing medium by the laying on of hands or prayer or directing healing thought from a distance. 

Spiritual Healing requires no faith or belief whatsoever on the part of the person seeking healing. The only requirements that are helpful are that a person should be aware of their own well-being and that they continue any medical treatment that has been prescribed for them by their GP, as Spiritual Healing is a complementary therapy.  

Patients requesting Spiritual Healing are advised to ensure that they are consulting with a certified SNU Spiritualist Healing Medium. Each of our Healers should hold an up to date Accreditation card issued by the SNU, which certifies their name, registration number and photograph.