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A warm welcome is offered from Pat James, Church President and also the Committee of Belfast Spiritualist Church. Our Malone Avenue Church recently celebrated its 45th birthday and it is affiliated to the Spiritualists National Union (SNU).

Spiritualism is a religion that embodies the main ideas of all religions, that God exists, that there is a life after death and there is immortality. Spiritualism is also a philosophy which can empower one to take charge of unfolding one’s own spirituality. This can help to bring about a transformation of the individual's spiritual qualities, morals and ethics for the betterment of self and to the benefit of all in this life.

Belfast Spiritualist Church is able to provide a comprehensive service and educational syllabus to anyone who is wishing to increase their knowledge of religion and philosophy. We also hold Church services, Awareness Training and Spiritual Healing.

Everyone is welcome to come along to our Sunday Divine Services, Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Awareness class.  





      Sunday Services: We hold Divine Service Each Sunday at 6.30pm. 

      Awareness Class: Awareness class is held each Monday at 7.30pm. 

      Spiritual Healing: Healing takes place each Thursday at 7.00pm. 





We hope that you find our website easy to navigate, educational and supportive to you on your spiritual journey. Please have a look at the events page to see details of our events, workshops and visiting mediums. You can also visit us on facebook by clicking on our Facebook Link.

We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to this website or who have allowed their work to be shared.  





Belfast Spiritualist Church, 134 Malone Avenue, Lisburn Road, Belfast. BT9 6ET 

Telephone:  02890 382331