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Church Services 

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Sunday Divine Service is held every Sunday between 6.30pm - 8pm

Spiritual Healing takes place every Thursday evening at 7pm. Everyone is welcome and no appointment is necessary. 

Awareness Class is every Monday at 7.30pm and everyone is welcome.

Spiritual Wedding Ceremonies

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Spiritual Healing is not offered as an alternative to Orthodox medicine but is complementary to it. 

Spiritual Healing requires no faith or belief whatsoever on the part of the person seeking it. There is no requirement for the patient to have the same religious belief as that of the healer who is administering healing.

Spiritual Healing is not related to any one religion but is a common bond throughout all religions which all believe that God can heal.
The healer is merely a channel for the healing energy and as such can neither direct or influence its natural process in any way and the healer remains purely passive at all times. Our approved healers represent not only the Spiritualist's National Union and the Belfast Spiritualist Church, but also answer a calling from God to bring his healing to where it is needed. 

Approved healers work within a legal framework supplied by the Spiritualist's National Union Healing Committee and are encouraged to continue their studies within the Union.

You are very welcome to visit our healers any Thursday evening between 7pm and 9pm. No appointment is necessary.

You can receive individual attention from one of our experienced healers or alternatively you may just want to sit in the quiet taking in the wonderful healing energy. Many people who attend healing evenings often remark upon the beautiful energy they feel.